Tulip Gardens Handbook




This updated Tulip Gardens Handbook has helpful information and contact information for Board Members. If you have concerns or questions, please communicate with any Member of the Board so we can address and resolve concerns or questions as quickly as possible.

Please consider serving on the Board. The Association needs knowledgeable and involved Unit Owners to maintain the quality of life at Tulip Gardens.

Director Contact Information:

Maurice Johnson, President, Building 12, Unit 2D, 973-812-4177

Minnette Zweben, Vice President, Building 7, Unit 2C, 973-237-0713

Jeanne Ashton, Treasurer, Building 11, Unit 1A, 973-785-8335

Anita Machado Rust, Secretary, Building 3, Unit 2C, 973-812-8082

Paul Kusik, Building 5, Unit 2A, 862-432-5286

Irene Catanzaro, Building 7, Unit1D, 973-200-0944


Patrician Associates:

Julie Palma, Management Counselor, 973-284-0900




Tulip Gardens Condominiums Association is a corporation composed of the 73 unit owners. The Prospectus and By-Laws were State approved in November 1987. The Association, through its elected representatives to the Board of Directors is responsible for the management and maintenance of the common elements, including all of the systems that serve the complex. The Board is responsible for overseeing daily business, recommending and hiring a management company and determining maintenance fees.

The information in this handbook is drawn from the By-Laws and covers Policies and Procedures that have been established for efficiency, safety and security. The Handbook is meant to inform new owners, refresh memory for original Unit Owners and to be given to tenants by owners. The handbook should be given to new owners when there is a sale, along with the Prospectus and By-Laws and other important documents.

The highlights are listed alphabetically for easy reference. As the Board of Directors and Association members suggest additions and changes, revisions will be made.

Cooperation in observing policies and procedures will make living in Tulip Gardens comfortable, convenient and pleasant.



The ownership of Tulip Gardens was officially transferred from Jack Green Homes, the developers, to the Tulip Garden’s Condominium Association in June 1989 when, as required by law, 54 units were sold.

The original five members of the Board of Directors were elected on

December 7, 1989. The By-Laws were amended to increase the number to seven to fairly represent the 12 buildings in the complex.

 There is a yearly election for three year terms as provided in the


The Association elects members to the Board of Directors from a slate proposed by a nominating committee. The Board elects its own officers: president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary for a one-year term.

The Association meets annually to approve the budget. The exact date may vary based on availability of the local meeting space. If needed a special meeting may be planned.

The Board of Directors holds work sessions on the second Tuesday evening of each month, rotating the location in the homes of the Board members. Unit owners are encouraged to give suggestions to the Board members for consideration.




Common Elements are stairways and platforms, corridors and walkways, as well as grounds and systems. Rules and regulations in Schedule A of the By-Laws states: “No clothes, sheets, blankets, laundry, advertising, political signs or any other articles shall be hung out of a unit, or exposed on any part of the Common Elements. The Common Elements shall be kept free and clear of rubbish, debris and other unsightly materials. No bicycles, carriages, toys, or any other item shall be placed, or left in the walkways and stair platforms, corridors, or other Common Elements.”

When neighbors agree, Common Elements within the building may be decorated on a limited basis. Fireplace logs must be stacked neatly, preferably on a rack, wherever they are stored.


Provision is made for garbage disposal in the five dumpsters located in the convenient enclosures. The garbage is removed on Tuesdays and Fridays. There is sufficient space in each dumpster for waste generated by the Units they serve.


Recycling is a simple process with the Little Falls Recycling Yard


conveniently located nearby on Sindle Avenue. Neighbors will help those


Unit owners who cannot handle the recycling.


Leaving garbage outside the dumpster is a health hazard and unsightly. Garbage attracts rodents and raccoons.

           If new appliances are installed the agreement should include the removal of the used item(s) by the contractor. Carpeting discards should be removed from the property by the installer.

For disposal of furniture and usable household items call:


                   Paterson Coalition                     973-341-7364

                   Goodwill Industries                     973-481-2300

                  Salvation Army                           973-742-1126

                   Straight and Narrow                   973-279-7003

Itemized records can be used for tax deductions purposes. The Paterson Coalition helps previously homeless individuals and families to furnish rooms, or apartments, as does Straight and Narrow. The Salvation Army

will place donations in their stores to sell.



New Jersey State Law requires recycling. The Little Falls

Recycling Yard is conveniently located for Tulip Garden’s residents to use. From the Van Ness Avenue exit of Tulip Garden’s, turn right and continue to Sindle Avenue. Turn right on Sindle Avenue to the recycling yard.  

The Yard hours are: Weekdays 7:00 a.m.- 3:30 p.m., Saturdays,


Sundays, and Holidays 9 a.m.- 2 p.m.


The Township of Little Falls mails a yearly notice to every resident explaining how to recycle motor oil, antifreeze, tires, batteries and other hazardous materials.

The Passaic County Recycling Hotline is: 973-881-4506 for information about household hazardous waste collection days.

Recycling is economical, efficient and environmentally sound.

Call the Recycling Office in Little Falls with questions: Telephones:

973- 256-6815 and 973-256-0309




By State Law, outdoor charcoal, or propane grills are not permitted. They present a potential fire hazard. The fire insurance policy for the complex is placed in jeopardy.

Propane grills are prohibited from use indoors in the condominiums.

Electric grills must be pre-approved by the Board of Directors. There are a very limited number of electric grills on the market that can be used on patios and decks. Before an electric grill is purchased, you must submit the brand name and model number to the Board for approval.





Maintenance fees are determined by the budget that is prepared by


The Board of Directors. The maintenance fee should be mailed to the management office, bills are not sent. The grace period is ten-days and a late charge of $20.00 is levied after the grace period.   Monthly payment vouchers and envelopes are provided yearly each September.















Parking spaces are assigned for each of the 73 units in Tulip Gardens. There are additional unmarked spaces for guests and service workers near each of the buildings. On weekends and evenings, if there is a need for extra guest parking, residents are welcome to direct their guests to the area alongside the professional building near the Main Street entrance to Tulip Gardens.

There is a fire lane on the south side of Tulip Crescent that is required by the Little Falls Fire Department.

Parking at any point along the fire lane is a violation

The Fire Department Inspector drives through Tulip Gardens to see that the lane is open. As Tulip Garden roadways are private property the Inspector cannot issue a citation. However, the Board of Directors is authorized to issue a violation warning. For repeated violations, Board Members are authorized to issue a complaint and the car will be towed.

Also, the law requires that cars be parked 15 feet from a fire hydrant. There are two fire hydrants on the north side of Tulip Crescent. The Board is authorized to post violation warnings for this form of illegal parking.

Residents must inform guests of these regulations before they park their cars.

Curbside parking on the roadway makes snow plowing difficult. Residents are urged to use their assigned space, or the unmarked spaces to allow for more efficient snow removal.


Dogs and cats are allowed in units subject to written consent of the Board of Directors. According to Schedule “A” in the By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, Number 5:

“No animals may be kept, bred and maintained for commercial purposes and provided, further that any such pet causing, or creating a nuisance, unreasonable disturbance, or noise shall be permanently removed from the property upon three days written notice from the Board of Directors. In no event will doges be permitted in any common areas unless carried, or leashed. Dogs may not be walked, or exercised on the property. Reptiles of any kind are not allowed under any circumstances.”

The strip of woods along Van Ness Avenue and the raceway is a convenient area to walk a dog. Proper disposal of dog waste protects the environment and is a common courtesy.

  1. Each Unit is restricted to one licensed domestic animal (verification necessary).
  2. No animal is allowed in the common area unless leashed, supervised and controlled by the owner.
  3. All dog owners are required to walk their dog off the Tulip Garden’s property via the roadway.
  4. No animal can be left unattended on a patio, deck, or tied out in a common area.
  5. Any animal creating a nuisance or disturbance to any member of the Association may be subject to removal depending on frequency of complaint(s) and/or the nature of the disturbance (such as excessive barking). It is further understood that there will be a “No Tolerance Position” as to infractions caused by pets.
  6. Any damage caused by the pet in the common areas will be the sole responsibility and liability of the owner.
  7. All Rules and Regulations regarding dogs apply to visitor’s dogs.
  8. The above rules apply to any pets grand-fathered.
  9. Unit owners must receive authorization to house a dog by registering the dog with the Association for a $250 non-refundable registration fee.



Resale of units includes conveying to new owners the Public Offering Statement of November 1987, which includes the By-Laws and Rules and Regulations of the Association. This is an essential document that must be presented to prospective buyers. You can order copies of the Public Offering Statement by contacting Patrician Associates (973.284.0900). There is a duplicating fee. In addition, warranties and contracts should be given to new owners apart from the official closing.

If new owners intend to keep a dog or cat in their Unit, the Board of


Directors must be notified in advance of the closing. Written permission is


required according to the By-Laws, Rules and Regulations.


Owners selling their units are requested to inform the Board of Directors with the name(s) of the purchaser(s) so that the owner(s) may be listed in the directory and welcomed by the neighbors to Tulip Gardens. The Management office should be notified as well. In the transfer, this handbook should be given to the new owner(s).






















Smoke alarms inside of individual units in good working condition protect the entire complex. A yearly inspection is made under a contract made by the Board of Directors. The Association insurance policy requires the inspection.   Replacement, or repair costs are paid out of operating funds. There is a line item in the budget for this expense.

Residents are notified in advance when the inspections will be made. The contractor will accommodate resident’s schedules and will do the work on weekends, or evenings, if necessary. Maintenance of the fire alarm boxes mounted on the exterior of the building is included in the contract.

To avoid false alarms:


  • Close the bathroom door when taking a bath, or shower. The HEAT generated by an extended shower is enough to set off the alarm.  


  • Use the ventilator in the hood over the stove when necessary.


  • Wash the ventilator filter to avoid grease buildup.


  • Check the fireplace vent before lighting the fire and make sure that the chimney is free of debris.


Please Note: There is a new Fire Extinguisher Law and you need to be aware of its provisions. See the Handbook appendix for a copy of the new law. Owners are responsible for purchasing and the placement of their own carbon monoxide detectors. The Fire Extinguisher Law includes directions for the placement of the carbon monoxide and fire extinguishers.







Snow plowing is started when there is one inch of snow on the ground. A special effort is made to clear areas as early as possible for residents that may leave for work at an early hour.   Walks are shoveled, and an ice-melting compound will be spread, when the roadway and garage driveways are cleared. Unmarked parking spaces are cleared after the shoveling is completed. Additional clearing will be made during the day, or evening to keep the Crescent open, if the snowfall is heavy.

Car owners should move their cars during the day to insure that their assigned spaces are plowed. Owners should use unmarked parking spaces, park on Van Ness Avenue, or use the professional building parking lot, until their assigned spaces are cleared. Cars parked along the curb make plowing difficult. Garages and all parking spaces should be used when snow is predicted.






















Tenants should be informed of the rules and regulations of the Association and are expected to abide by them. Unit owners are responsible for informing their tenants about recycling items, water conservation, parking spaces, storage (or storage bins), the care and use of common areas and resources available to them. Note: If a unit is on the second floor and has hardwood, or laminated flooring the tenant should be made aware that the floors should be covered 75-80 percent with area rugs and extra padding.
































Unit owners are responsible for interior maintenance and repair of their units. Owners are free to employ contractors of their own choosing to

make repairs, do maintenance, or improvements. However, licensed plumbers and electricians are required for work done behind a wall.

The following represents a list of contractors and vendors that various unit owners have used for making repairs, maintaining and/or renovating their units and have been satisfied with the services provided. Note: This list should not be construed as an endorsement by the Board of Directors.

Updated May 2013


Appliance Installation:

Five Star Home Services




Carpet, Area Rug, Upholstery Cleaning & Floor Care Service:

Manning Bros. Inc.

1 E. Fort Lee Road

Bogata, NJ 07603



Drapery & Dry Cleaning Services, Alterations:

DeLuxe Cleaners

1280 Main Avenue

Clifton, NJ 07011



Duct and Vent Cleaning Services:

Corvelli Air Duct Services

184 Parsippany Road

Whippany, NJ 07981







RESOURCES (continued)



IAG Electric, Inc.

Theodore A. Schultz




John Serrano


(Union Member)


SCS Electric

Bob Crozier

441 Riverside Drive

Wayne, NJ 07470

Office: 973890-9321 Cell: 973-699-3857


On Line Electric

Jeff Rizzo


Flooring (Hardwood, Wall to Wall, Area Rugs):

Floor Expo

Tony Dotday

461 Route 46 West

Fairfield, NJ 07004


Wood Floor Installation




Flooring (Tile):

Wayne Tile

1459 Route 23 South

Wayne, NJ 07470



Tile Installation:

Ahmet Yildrim



Mehmet Vildrim



RESOURCES (continued)

Garage Door Service:

Enterprise Overhead Door



A.C. Overhead Doors & Home Improvements

Albert Calvani



Precision Door Service

220 West Parkway, Unit 3

Pompton Plains, NJ 07444



General Construction; Remodeling:

Ahmet Yildrim



Mehmet Yildrim



Fireplace Repair & Resurfacing:

The Cozy Dog Fireplace Shoppe

George Geannakakes, President

26 West Passaic Street

Rochelle Park, NJ 07662




Frank LaCapra Interior Painting

20 Loretta Drive

Cedar Grove, NJ 07009



Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning:


George Geannakakes, President

36 Montesano Road

Fairfield, NJ 07004



Metric Plumbing & Heating

320 Grove Avenue

Cedar Grove, NJ 07009



RESOURCES (continued)

Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning:

Platinum Plumbing & Heating

Matt Sasso

541 Ramapo Avenue

Pompton Lakes, NJ




Dennis Sattely



Macko Roofing

113 West 3rd Street

Clifton, NJ 07011



Window Repair & Replacement:

Dennis Sattely



Smoke Detectors

Advanced Alarm Systems            



Window Washing, General Cleaning:

Well Done Services

John Wozniak




Tennis courts are for the use of residents and guests only. Two keys are given to each Unit Owner. Tennis players are asked to follow some simple rules.

  1. Please use a new can of tennis balls and recycle the aluminum can. If left on the grass the metal becomes a hazard when the grass is mowed.
  2. Replace the roller used to dry the tennis courts. It belongs in the storage shed. Lengthy exposure rusts the handle and the equipment is expensive to replace.
  3. Remember that the court has a special surface designed for playing tennis and should not be used as a playground for children.
  4. Please lock the gate and make sure that it is secure on leaving. If left ajar, it may offer temptation to neighborhood children.


Water is centrally metered. All residents are strongly urged to conserve water at all times. The extensive grounds that make Tulip Gardens attractive require a great deal of water during the summer.

Rates for water use have increased since the first operating budget was projected in 1987. Conservation can be accomplished with the following suggestions:

  1. Water saving devices on showerheads.
  2. Time limited showers rather that full tub baths.
  3. A basin of water rather than running water when shaving.

Washing a car with a hose is not permitted. Residents who want to clean off a car must limit themselves to using a pail of water. Non-residents are not allowed to use Tulip Garden’s property to wash their cars.