Resale of units includes conveying to new owners the Public Offering Statement of November 1987, which includes the By-Laws and Rules and Regulations of the Association. This is an essential document that must be presented to prospective buyers. You can order copies of the Public Offering Statement by contacting Patrician Associates (973.284.0900). There is a duplicating fee. In addition, warranties and contracts should be given to new owners apart from the official closing.

If new owners intend to keep a dog or cat in their Unit, the Board of Directors must be notified in advance of the closing. Written permission is required according to the By-Laws, Rules and Regulations.

Owners selling their units are requested to inform the Board of Directors with the name(s) of the purchaser(s) so that the owner(s) may be listed in the directory and welcomed by the neighbors to Tulip Gardens. The Management office should be notified as well. In the transfer, this handbook should be given to the new owner(s).