Parking spaces are assigned for each of the 73 units in Tulip Gardens. There are additional unmarked spaces for guests and service workers near each of the buildings. On weekends and evenings, if there is a need for extra guest parking, residents are welcome to direct their guests to the area alongside the professional building near the Main Street entrance to Tulip Gardens.

There is a fire lane on the south side of Tulip Crescent that is required by the Little Falls Fire Department.

Parking at any point along the fire lane is a violation.

The Fire Department Inspector drives through Tulip Gardens to see that the lane is open. As Tulip Garden roadways are private property the Inspector cannot issue a citation. However, the Board of Directors is authorized to issue a violation warning. For repeated violations, Board Members are authorized to issue a complaint and the car will be towed.

Also, the law requires that cars be parked 15 feet from a fire hydrant. There are two fire hydrants on the north side of Tulip Crescent. The Board is authorized to post violation warnings for this form of illegal parking.

Residents must inform guests of these regulations before they park their cars.

Curbside parking on the roadway makes snow plowing difficult. Residents are urged to use their assigned space, or the unmarked spaces to allow for more efficient snow removal.