Reminder: Safety compliance inspection

Ms. Steckler, Department of Community Affairs of NJ, will need access to your unit.

Buildings 1 -6 will be inspected Wednesday, November 7th between 9 AM and 1 PM.

Buildings 7-12 will be inspected Thursday, November 8th between 9 AM and 1 PM.

If you have questions call Hyacinth Forde at Hampton Management: 973.790.1200 extension 100.

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Traffic Safety

A traffic stripe has been painted on the entrance roadway for increased safety. There have been collisions and many near misses at the entrance. Drivers unfamiliar with the entry will now have clearer traffic guidelines which we hope will increase safety.

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Annual Fire Alarm Inspection

Please be advised that United Federated Services will be conducting their Annual Fire Alarm Inspection on Monday, June 25th, 2018 beginning at 8AM. Access to your unit/garage will be needed on said date.


This is a mandatory inspection; your full compliance is required.


If you have any questions and/or concerns regarding this correspondence, please do not hesitate to contact the Management Office at 973-790-1200 ext. 106 or via email at

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Dumpster Enclosure Replacement

Please be advised that the replacement of the dumpster enclosures will begin within one week or so. The new enclosures are made of cedar and will be left in its natural state, so as to match the existing cedar shingles on the buildings.

In addition, bollards will also be installed within the enclosures to prevent dumpsters from hitting the back of the enclosure when dumpsters are lowered (during garbage pick-up). Bollards should prevent damage to the back of the enclosure, thus eliminating the cost of constant repairs to the enclosures.

Two bollards will be installed in each of the five dumpster enclosures. Bollards are made of four inch iron pipe, which will be sunk three feet into the ground and stand four feet above ground. Concrete will surround the pipe in the ground. The bollard is filled with concrete and will have a metal cap.

Should you have any questions and/or concerns regarding this correspondence, please contact the Management Office at 973-790-1200 ext. 106 or via email at

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Flushable Wipes are NOT Flushable

Rapid Pump recently assessed the sewer lines on the property and reported that residents are disposing of other non-flushable items such as sanitary wipes into the system.  This has escalated maintenance problems and is now costing the Association (you the unit owners) a considerable amount of money.

To prevent this from happening in the future, we must insist that residents refrain from throwing flushable sanitary wipes, baby wipes, tissues and other non-flushable items down your toilets.

Please be aware that flushing wipes and tissues clogs up the Tulip sewage system.  Clogged pumps needlessly cost thousands of dollars to remove the material.

Bathroom wipes cannot be flushed. Even if wipes say they are flushable, they are not.  See video below.

Sewage pumps are designed to pump sewage, and nothing else. When pumps get clogged they overheat and break down. This brings the sewage pumping station to a standstill—which requires emergency repairs.

We have just completed repairs to the pumping station at a cost of $4,000.00!

Please advise all your household members that wipes and tissues and similar material is non-flushable and needs to be placed in the garbage.


Tulip Gardens Board of Directors


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Reverse Information System

In an effort to better serve the Tulip Gardens Condominium community, Hampton Management, along with the Board of Directors, is now in the process of implementing a reverse informational system.

The automated system has several advantages and will allow Management and the Board of Directors to relay important messages and notices via your telephone, sms text and email.  In the event of an emergency situation, this system will allow us to contact all residents within minutes. Using this system also provides environmentally friendly effects – less paper waste and postage!

All unit owners and residents are required to complete the form sent via postal mail or via the link on our website.  The paper form has instructions for returning the form should you choose to use that.  Alternatively, you can fill out the form posted on the website at this link: Contact Info For Automated Alerts.  Using the website form will save you time and postage.

All information is kept confidential and you phone number are NEVER sold to or shared with outside vindors or agencies.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Management office at 973-790-1200 ext. 106.

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Fresh green look for Tulip entryways

Dozens of old shrubs along building entryways are now being removed in preparation for planting pachysandra in early spring.  Shrub removal will be completed this week.  In spring, a  generous amount of pachysandra will be planted so we can enjoy the new, fresh green look throughout the year.
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Form for Insurance Premium Credit Request

Our fire alarm panel upgrade is completed.  Advanced Alarm has provided us with a document to certify this and unit owners can submit this to their insurance carriers for a possible rate reduction.  The download link for the certificate is located under the password protected Board Documents page.  If you have trouble downloading this, please contact Steve Albin at for assistance.

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Deck railings undergoing repairs and painting

Starting today, all iron deck railings are being painted and new wood railings will be installed atop the iron railing. On ground floor units, iron railings that have become detached from their concrete base will be reset into the concrete. Any cracks in the concrete floors will be repaired. Workmen will access all decks from the outside.

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September HOA payment

Remember your September HOA payment is sent to Hampton Property Management. All owners received a letter of instruction with a coupon and an envelope for the September payment.  Do not  use the September coupon from Patrician to pay your September HOA fees. Discard that Patrician coupon. 

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