Hampton Property Management

Beginning September 1, Hampton Property Management will be the property manager for Tulip Gardens.

Be aware that you will receive information from Hampton Property Management in a couple of days. This information will outline their services, provide contact information and instructions on how to make your HOA payment for the month of September.

For the past few months, the Tulip Board has been researching, interviewing and checking the references of Property Management companies.

Our search led us to select Hampton Property Management because they provide three major benefits to owners and residents.

  1. Hampton will respond immediately to the variety of questions, concerns and problems owners and residents need solved. The goal is to markedly improve the personal service you deserve.
  2. Hampton will inspect Tulip buildings and grounds every week and report to the Board. Their property manager will be on-site to manage projects approved by the Board. The goal is to have an experienced, hands-on property manager supervising all projects instead of Board members.
  3. Hampton has up-to-date financial and record keeping systems using current computer and internet technology. The goal is to reduce administrative costs and improve communication.
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