Flushable Wipes are NOT Flushable

Rapid Pump recently assessed the sewer lines on the property and reported that residents are disposing of other non-flushable items such as sanitary wipes into the system.  This has escalated maintenance problems and is now costing the Association (you the unit owners) a considerable amount of money.

To prevent this from happening in the future, we must insist that residents refrain from throwing flushable sanitary wipes, baby wipes, tissues and other non-flushable items down your toilets.

Please be aware that flushing wipes and tissues clogs up the Tulip sewage system.  Clogged pumps needlessly cost thousands of dollars to remove the material.

Bathroom wipes cannot be flushed. Even if wipes say they are flushable, they are not.  See video below.

Sewage pumps are designed to pump sewage, and nothing else. When pumps get clogged they overheat and break down. This brings the sewage pumping station to a standstill—which requires emergency repairs.

We have just completed repairs to the pumping station at a cost of $4,000.00!

Please advise all your household members that wipes and tissues and similar material is non-flushable and needs to be placed in the garbage.


Tulip Gardens Board of Directors


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