Dumpster Enclosure Replacement

Please be advised that the replacement of the dumpster enclosures will begin within one week or so. The new enclosures are made of cedar and will be left in its natural state, so as to match the existing cedar shingles on the buildings.

In addition, bollards will also be installed within the enclosures to prevent dumpsters from hitting the back of the enclosure when dumpsters are lowered (during garbage pick-up). Bollards should prevent damage to the back of the enclosure, thus eliminating the cost of constant repairs to the enclosures.

Two bollards will be installed in each of the five dumpster enclosures. Bollards are made of four inch iron pipe, which will be sunk three feet into the ground and stand four feet above ground. Concrete will surround the pipe in the ground. The bollard is filled with concrete and will have a metal cap.

Should you have any questions and/or concerns regarding this correspondence, please contact the Management Office at 973-790-1200 ext. 106 or via email at hforde@hamptonmgt.com.

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