Dogs and cats are allowed in units subject to written consent of the Board of Directors. According to Schedule “A” in the By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, Number 5:

“No animals may be kept, bred and maintained for commercial purposes and provided, further that any such pet causing, or creating a nuisance, unreasonable disturbance, or noise shall be permanently removed from the property upon three days written notice from the Board of Directors. In no event will dogs be permitted in any common areas unless carried, or leashed. Dogs may not be walked, or exercised on the property. Reptiles of any kind are not allowed under any circumstances.”

The strip of woods along Van Ness Avenue and the raceway is a convenient area to walk a dog. Proper disposal of dog waste protects the environment and is a common courtesy.

Each Unit is restricted to one licensed domestic animal (verification necessary).

  1. No animal is allowed in the common area unless leashed, supervised and controlled by the owner.
  2. All dog owners are required to walk their dog off the Tulip Garden’s property via the roadway.
  3. No animal can be left unattended on a patio, deck, or tied out in a common area.
  4. Any animal creating a nuisance or disturbance to any member of the Association may be subject to removal depending on frequency of complaint(s) and/or the nature of the disturbance (such as excessive barking). It is further understood that there will be a “No Tolerance Position” as to infractions caused by pets.
  5. Any damage caused by the pet in the common areas will be the sole responsibility and liability of the owner.
  6. All Rules and Regulations regarding dogs apply to visitor’s dogs.
  7. The above rules apply to any pets grand-fathered.