Smoke alarms inside of individual units in good working condition protect the entire complex. A yearly inspection is made under a contract made by the Board of Directors. The Association insurance policy requires the inspection.   Replacement, or repair costs are paid out of operating funds. There is a line item in the budget for this expense.

Residents are notified in advance when the inspections will be made. The contractor will accommodate resident’s schedules and will do the work on weekends, or evenings, if necessary. Maintenance of the fire alarm boxes mounted on the exterior of the building is included in the contract.

To avoid false alarms:

  • Close the bathroom door when taking a bath, or shower. The HEAT generated by an extended shower is enough to set off the alarm.
  • Use the ventilator in the hood over the stove when necessary.
  •  Wash the ventilator filter to avoid grease buildup.
  • Check the fireplace vent before lighting the fire and make sure that the chimney is free of debris.

Please Note: There is a new Fire Extinguisher Law and you need to be aware of its provisions. See the Handbook appendix for a copy of the new law. Owners are responsible for purchasing and the placement of their own carbon monoxide detectors. The Fire Extinguisher Law includes directions for the placement of the carbon monoxide and fire extinguishers.